Loading Dock and Door Equipment Phoenix
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Ask yourself how product and raw materials enter and exit your building. Do the dock and the door equipment offer efficient and fluid transition from the plant or warehouse into and out of delivery trucks? How safe is the transition across the dock? Is there a seal between the trailer and the building preventing efficient use of energy and preventing dust, dirt, insects and birds from entering the building? Can your employees see inside the trailer or do they need lights, and what about airflow in the trailer? Could you use some dock fans to make the unloading process more comfortable and consequently more efficient?

Yes, the dock is often an overlooked area when searching for ways to improve the productivity and efficiency in your facility. But there are other significant reasons to be addressing the dock and door applications in your building.


There are OSHA regulations for the safe staging and unloading of trucks. Are you aware of these requirements? Truck restraints, trailer stabilizers, and wheel chocks are a few items OSHA requires. The proper use of dock boards and dock plates are also serious OSHA regulated items. Don’t take a chance.

Ask us, we can advise and provide the correct specifications for dock boards, dock plates, transition plates, edge of dock levelers, as well as mechanical and hydraulic dock boards.

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There are always areas in the plant that need to be segmented, secured or isolated. If it’s temperature control, security, or dust and dirt elimination, SES can provide the barriers necessary. Plastic strip curtains, air curtains, impact doors or speed doors are all items that can be implemented to accomplish your goals. We can assess the application and provide valuable advice. Give us a call.